Open image
11.4 18.6 33.9 2 Tank top
16.9 22.2 31.7 Ground Coll. Center area
10.2 17.1 32.2 2 Tank bottom
Solar collector A
Solar collector B
Outside sensor
Towel dryer inlet
Floor heating inlet
Floor heating return
House heating inlet.
2 tank top.
NG tank bottom.
NG tank middle.
NG tank top.
Boiler solar coil return.
Boiler top.
Boiler middle.
Boiler bottom.
Ground collectors outdside
Ground collectors center
To NG tank top
2 tank bottom.
2 tank middle.
Nibe F1255 ground contour input
Nibe F1255 ground contour output
Nibe F1255 heating output
Nibe F1255 DHW output
Nibe F1255 heating input
Nibe F1255 DHW input
Solar A contour input
Solar A contour return
Solar B contour input
Solar B contour return
Floor heating pump.
Floor heating motorised valve open.
Floor heating motorised valve close.
Towel dryer open.
Towel dryer close.
Nibe ground contour tank pump.
Towel dryer pump.
Nibe ground line stop valve power
Heat exchanger pump
Nibe ground contour tank 1 flow stop charging valve
Solar pumps
Nibe ground contour tank 1 motorised valve close
Nibe ground contour tank 1 motorised valve open
Ground contour pump frequency controller start
To ground contour line flow stop valve
Solar collector pump control 0-10V
FC Ground contour pump control 7-8V
Set floor heating temperature
Set towel dryer temperature
Set Nibe ground contour temperature
2 Tank top
to Nibe ground(1) Tank
Ground Coll. Center area
1 Tank Top (NibeGround)
2 Tank bottom
Ground Coll. Outside area
To Solar colectors (return)
From Tank 2 heat exchanger
From Solar collectors
From Boiler heat exchanger
Ground collector center 2 m.
Ground collector center 4 m.
Ground collector center 6 m.
Ground collector center 8 m.
Ground collector center 10 m.
Ground collector center 12 m.
Ground collector middle 2 m.
Ground collector middle 4 m.
Ground collector middle 6 m.
Ground collector middle 8 m.
Ground collector middle 10 m.
Ground collector middle 12 m.
Ground collector outside 2 m.
Ground collector outside 4 m.
Ground collector outside 6 m.
Ground collector outside 8 m.
Ground collector outside 10 m.
Ground collector outside 12 m.
Ground collector output A
Ground collector output B
Nibe Ground Tank Charging pump
Nibe ground contour reverse valves (To ground)
Nibe ground contour tank 1 flow stop charging valve
Frequency controller start
To ground contour line flow stop valve